October 01, 2005

I really don’t know what is happening to me at the moment. Working and writting my final thesis.

The prob. is working – i’ve just reliazed that  recently i haven’t been able to get my concentration when am working. I couldn’t find anything i wanted in the small office even when it was right in front of my eyes. I couldn’t concentrate on what i were doing, sometimes i do some tasks different from what i’m thinking, which i even don’t reliaze. It seems that i do  everything in a slow  and not effective way. This is a very serious prob when i can’t control my mind and action. This makes my collegues annoyed, dissapointed and doubtful about my competence also.

I feel so frustrated and stressful now, don’t know what to do and m losing my confidence. It’s no fun, i still have some other things needed to worry about. I don’t know why i’m stuck in this situation. Is this caused by tiredness and pressures? I don’t know, i’ve tried my best for everything, even taking care of myself and giving up some other parts of my daily life. I’ll try to go to bed earlier everyday, before 12 at least and try to concentrate more. Otherwise, i don’t know what should i do but i can’t continue with this situation. It is eating me everyday.

Anyway today is my Mum’s birthday. I’m worring very much about her health. Wishing her all the best from my heart, mind and soul – for the most important person in my life now.



~ by gamsmell on October 1, 2005.

5 Responses to “October 01, 2005”

  1. I dont know whether Unicode fonts are working well here. So let try English once.
    My dear,
    You are going in deeper motions of your own problems. Probably too much; but seeking for what so called self-defination, you should get over this period. It’s not the time of troubles, it’s just the time when people put themself in a new position. I dont say it is worse or better, it’s just a change.
    Feeling is the most fluctuated subject. There is not such kind of feeling which can be matched on you all the time.
    Today, you are frustrated coz you didn’t find you are well.
    Tomorrow you find yourself stressful and so on.
    Initially always things ‘s going to be tough for every one. And then all will be fine.
    Are we fighting for living or death? Just answer this and comprehend in into your mind. You will sucessfully get out of this case, bcos in fact you have not any problem at all.
    Throw your fears and anxioety out, you’d get feeling better.

    How long does it take you to remember faces or smiles of your parents?
    Probably second. Coz you love them much, much much…. more than whomever.
    How long does it take to remind you about your troubles?
    Certainly a couple of minutes, an hour or more than that.
    So are you living with your family or troubles?
    Obviously you and I got the same answer. Therefore, please do your self a favour; think about them more as you derive it and get out of other matters.

    I know how hardly you have grown up, even I havent seen that with my naked eyes. As spirits needn’t to touch to be felt.

    Hope you will be fine. With all of respects I wish your mother is happy too.

    Oh bye bye my dear

  2. Cảm ơn nhé, Phong, vì đã nghĩ đến tớ và động viên tớ. Tớ đang cố gắng lấy lại sự tự tin của mình.

  3. Gam a,

    Hom nay to moi biet den cai blog nay cua Gam. To khong ngo la co ngay Gam lai phai roi vao tinh canh nhu the nay. To cung khong biet noi gi nhung theo to nghi nguyen nhan cua tinh trang ay la do Gam dang phai lo qua nhieu chuyen mot luc: me om, phai lam luan van, di lam o cong ty va con nhieu moi quan he khac nua. Ma chuyen gi cung quan trong.Suc luc va tri luc cua Gam chac chan khong the du de lam het nhieu viec nhu the trong mot luc duoc. To muon khuyen Gam la hay tam thoi nghi di lam mot thoi gian, tap trung vao cham soc cho me Gam va lam luan van that tot. Den khi tot nghiep roi thi voi kha nang cua Gam thich tim viec cho nao ma cha duoc. Chu neu bay gio ay kiem nhiem qua nhieu viec mot luc thi se dan den ket qua la khong lam duoc viec nao hoan chinh va cung khien cho con nguoi de roi vao tinh trang suy kiet.
    To cung chi biet noi the thoi. Tiec la dao nay to cung ban qua nen khong the di choi voi Gam cho do buon duoc. Mong me Gam chong khoe va Gam som thoat ra duoc tinh trang nay. Co gi thi nho thong tin cho to nha.

  4. Gam’ yeu quy’.
    Dui` ga` nay`. Ngac nhien khong ? Lau roi` minh` khong gap nhau, co’ gap thi cung~ chi hoi tham qua loa ti’ xiu’.
    Gio` to’ cung~ rat’ ban, khong co thoi gian tam su voi Gam nhieu, chi muon noi’ voi Gam : Be Strong !
    Nhieu` khi, minh` vuot qua duoc nhung~ thoi khac’ kho’ khan, sau day nhin` lai, thay’ minh` chin’ chan’ gia` dan len nhieu. !
    Gam hay~ nghe loi` chuot beo’ Kukumalu di : tap trung vao hoc va cham soc bac’ :-s !

  5. It’s me again. I don’t know if you guys coming back here some time – just want to say thanks again to you all. I’m thinking of what to choose to give u, though it might be a difficult decision.

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