Eating, sleeping, promise

Just got a hair-cut today, but they really “robbed” my pocket after left me a new “head” of a…butcher! Image. Being A.Q.: anyway, it’s just a new look after all. 

2 days spending on …shopping and sleeping. The result is a bunch of confectionary and no more lines in the thesis. So happy of…eating Imageand sleeping, a lot of sleeping over the last few days in fact.Image.Hopefully there’re still enough stuffs for my friends at tomorrow’s party, and enough time for me to finish the thesis. Otherwise, who knows…?

I’ve just made a promise this evening before my 20 students. Haven’t made a promise for a long time, but i’m not a good teacher and this promise would remind me to try my best to become better.ImageTeaching and my students – they are really meaningful to me.

Got the 1st gift this evening with nice words from a friend, thank you! This is what i expect with a hope that my friend will finally find his own happiness and peace. Well, and for myself also, happiness and peace…Image


~ by gamsmell on December 13, 2005.

One Response to “Eating, sleeping, promise”

  1. God bless you and your family with happiness and prosperity. Tons of good wishes for your career and thesis. Many happy returns for the day. Hope you are removed from the shelf and placed in more vibrant envoirenment.

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