Birthday spirit!

ImageEnjoying my birthday’s spirit for the whole day. 22 years ago, my parents were so happy. My great thanks to them for giving me chance and teaching me how to enjoy this meaningful & beautiful life.Image

Looking forward to seeing my dear friends tonight. Love you all.Image

An excited and noisy party, as usual with a lot of fun. 150 “nem chua”, confectionary, fruit of all kinds, a Dark Chocolate Cake, Imagea red champagne and a Johnnie Walker.  It’s really awesome, thanks to all my friends, you’re awesome, too!Image

This year i’m full with books, “Phu phiem truyen”, “Nhan truong hop cua chi Tho Bong”, “Tieng chim hot trong bui man gai”, “Bo gia”, “Van hoc tre 2005”, “Ruoi trau”… oa…i’m so happy, i must say. I love books, but normally just read them, love them and then give them to my friends as valuable gifts. Image Rather sleepy now due to the drink, i believe. ImageTomorrow is new day, and a new age – Gam. Change yourself and be more mature, baby!ImageImage



~ by gamsmell on December 14, 2005.

7 Responses to “Birthday spirit!”

  1. Dua tre con nao ma xau the, haha…
    hehe, dua thoi, chuc mung SN Gam

  2. Happy B’day, my fella sagi =)
    sry i neglected to ask the date although you’ve been saying you’re sagitarian too all this time ^^

  3. Happy birthday ^_^ Wish u’ll get married & have a baby soon 😛

  4. Mung sinh nhat ban yeu quy!
    Chuc ban luon co du can dam va nghi luc,
    luon mang trong minh tinh yeu va nhiet huyet,
    luon co duoc niem tin va khat khao
    de tim thay hanh phuc cua cuoc doi.

  5. Sinh nhat nhieu` thuc an the’ :(( , co de phan` to’ ti’ teo nao` khong :(( ?
    He` he`, chuc mung sinh nhat 1 lan nua~ nha !
    Cho` day’, may’ nam nua~ to’ ve` !

  6. Thanks guy, you’re so awesome!

  7. chúc mừng sinh nhật em

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