A decision, 26.12.05

Just made a decision this afternoon. Decided to say goodbye to Operation Smile, to the office – Mr. Viet, Ms. Linh, Trang and chi Xuan, to the hospitals, doctors, the children with cleft lips & cleft palate and their worried parents outside the OP room, to my interesting but challenging position of a program administrator. I love my job and the people, but that’s what i have decided in this situation. Image

Know that it is difficult but i hope some days i could come back, well if God allow me. Not sure they can read these words but i want to send my thanks to all people in my office for helping and giving me chances. I’ve learnt a lot from them and Operation Smile. The atmosphere in the office is always like in a family where my colleges are also my friends, my sisters and brother: again, anh Viet, chi Linh, chi Xuan va Trang. My time with Operation Smile is among my best memories. Anyway, i’m still part of Operation Smile team as a volunteer (this encourages me a little bit Image). Thanks and sorry for not staying.

Just got a birthday card from Dui ga today, a late card from Singapore but it really made my heart …melt in the cold raining afternoon!Image (kidding). Again, great thanks to my dear friend, DG. Your care has always made my heart warmer. Image

December rain for several days…


~ by gamsmell on December 26, 2005.

One Response to “A decision, 26.12.05”

  1. i will think about what you said, give me some time =)
    feel ashamed of myself for not willing to make sacrifices
    but i will consider it very seriously

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