Working complexes

ImageI’m in my new office, on my 4th day.

The feeling when you first come to a new office. Everyone is nice but they have their own bussiness and i have nothing to do – that’s the problem. Have tried several times to ask for jobs  to do but failed. No idea of what i am going to do in the next weeks. Even my supervisors can’t help, they’re so busy and i’m sitting here…dealing with my own bussiness!Image This is not an easy and happy feeling, i know it happens always, even it would take  1-2 weeks or a month in my experience. However, i’m here, no idea of what to do and not comfortable at all when people rushing for jobs, passing by and seeing me dealing with stuffs like thesis or 360 yahoo blog.

My thanks to Nhung for giving me sometimes some of her “manual” jobs  or sharing infor. with me. This encourages me a little bit but she’s also too busy to think about me all the times.

I’ve got nothing to do, and feel difficult to start, as usual. Sitting in a chair which worth over US$ 1500, in a professional office with lots of attractive food and drink , and doing nothing.  God bless me.


~ by gamsmell on January 6, 2006.

6 Responses to “Working complexes”

  1. ac ac cai chair dog j ma tan 1500$ ha troi` ^:)^ chau’ be? ho bac’ cai cha^n ghe di ban’ lay tien` cai, ngheo` doi’ rach’ nat’ qua di mat $-) so phan con ng` ko bang cai ghe^’ huhu :((

  2. Cheer my dear

  3. Ho ho, ghe’ 1500$ thi` co’ ma` , dun be shocked :))

    Btw, with lots of food and drink [-x , well well well, you know, i like slim girl [-( !

    😀 Congrats again <hehe, 2 comments in 1 day , for ur new great job >

  4. Keine Sorge ^^ .Du bist doch GH u. mein oA ,deshlab wird alles schnell wieder gut ^^ .
    Schönes Wochenende u. dann einen guten neuen Wochen ^^
    U can German , cant u ? 😛

  5. Thong thuong ngay dau di lam bao gio cung roi vao tinh trang nhu vay. Cong viec thuong chi den sau 1tuan, tru nhung noi dang thuc su can nguoi.
    Dau sao, co do an, thuc uong de an ui la ngon lanh roi…:). Hy vong khong phai do la cong viec chinh cua em…he he..
    Bon Cisco giau nho*….cai ghe cho nhan vien cung toi 1.500 co* a`…hị hị… Cộng cả con laptop ngon nghe nua, em Gam nha ra so huu gan 10.000 trong tay, giau to roi con gi..:P

  6. Thanks for encouraging me, friends. However, need to make it clear that my position is only temporary in 10 months, so pls look around for a new job available for me by the end of 2006 nhé, my dears. 😉

    To NguyenTungAnh: sorry, i don’t know yr nickname, wonder if you could gimme some clues of who y r? thanks.

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