ImageSo glad that finally i submitted my thesis this afternoon.Image

Over 3 months and 90 pages. This is the 1st time i have undertaken such a big study. The thesis, all in all, is very important and closed to me; and i have done it “with all my heart”, i believe. I have learned many things from it, how to compile information from various information, how to collect data and analyse them, and how to write a research paper, which i rarely did before. And the opportunity to read such a lot of books, which have never occured before.Image I’m so happy that i have this experience, Image, and so proud of my thesis, with a very small hope that it will be useful for those teachers who are…willing to read it.

I did used to think that i would be very happy on this day- when i say goodbye to my thesis; but started missing it a little bit this evening. No more reading books, no more studying, no more staying up till 3 or 4 a.m. for my dear thesis…

Well, good bye. Image


~ by gamsmell on January 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “Done!”

  1. Tren thuc te, moi cai do an tot nghiẹp duoc coi la chu chuoi nhat trong tat ca cac the loai bai luan, test giua ky hay bai kiem tra cua mot doi sinh vien. Cha hieu cua em co khac khong, nhung dan BK co truyen thong khong them lam do an tot nghiep 10 ngay truoc le bao ve….:)
    Anyway, u got the peak of 1st mountain in the way go to heaven….kha kha….

  2. Congratulations !!!


  3. Thanks, Dio and Trily.
    Trying to get used to the feeling and time after the thesis. Perhaps resting for a while…
    With love,

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