Bang tot nghiep…


Breaking news: I’ve got “Red University Degree” – (Bang` do?) , which means my academic record is above 8.0.  I’m suprisingly happy at the moment- because it is over my expectation. ImageImageImage 

Just got the news from my friend. Would like to sing a song now, ha ha.  Have called my mum as she’ll surely be happy to know about this.

Failed to find any other pix to express my happiness at the moment, except for this pig. Will replace it when i get my real certificate.

Happy happy happy Image

~ by gamsmell on March 17, 2006.

11 Responses to “Bang tot nghiep…”

  1. ho`ho`, chuc’ mung`. Khao di thoi em yeu!

  2. Ra vay, hom nay hao phong di dap pha o Trang Tien fai ko. Nen rang sun ngay <=== Tro*`i ba?o ra`ng, cho*’ co tham…

  3. Wow, congratulations🙂 !

    Now the world is waiting for you . :X

  4. Hay nhỉ! Anh tưởng là trước khi tốt nghiệp là biết “màu của bằng” rồi chứ hả Gấm?

  5. hehe trong con piggy nay` rat giong chau’ nhe, chi kem’ moi~ cai’ rang :))

    anyway, congratulation, su nghiep chau’ sau nay chac se tuoi sang rang ngoi` y nhu mat con lon cua chau’ hehe😀

  6. @ Ha Vet and Anti: thanks. Neu con du? dan. de co cuoc goi la “an mung`” thi se goi 2 dong` chi nhe, he he.

    @ Phong, lqthai and Dio: my thanks to you all, wherever you r😉.
    @a. Thai: em chua nhan bang`, thu 7 tuan sau moi nhan, nhung vi van nghi minh o nguong~ rap rinh ko du diem gioi, nen hom qua biet tin moi nhay? cang~ len o van fong`, hihi.

    Van biet cai bang` mau` gi` chua han da co nhieu y nghia thuc te, nhung ma…van suong’😀

  7. Gam a, chuc mung em nhe.Tuy khong duoc nhin thay em nhg chi can nhin thay mat chu’ in? cua em chi cung thay’ vui la^y hihi…

  8. mie.,doi` minh` hoc. lai. 4,5 khoa’ DH nua~ chac’ cung~ ko dam’ nghi~ den’ hehe,congratulation.nay` to’ dang co’ nhu cau` di hoc. nhay?hom nao` roi~ rai~ ay’ cho to’ vao` doi` cai’ hehe

  9. @Quan: bay gio di lam o dau the? Con viet bao’ kiem tien nua ko ;P. Cai’ bang` cua to chuyen tu xanh sang mau` do? dung la may man thoi, he he.
    @chi Nhung: trong luc vui suong, em do dong anh? trong may ra thi tim duoc dung cai nay la hop nhat’ day a.😀

  10. Bravo. You did it. But remember to pick up a guy accompany with you. Now is the time, you might change to a better way, who knows!

  11. To GL: Thanks,man. In fact, i think i’m ready to have new datings.
    Hopefully, i’ll be changed by someone to a better way, hihi.🙂

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