Goodbye letter to Mr. Inder

Namaskar’ Mr.!

“You’ve got a new house! So I must come there before I leave.” – you know I was a little bit shocked to hear that last Friday.

When a good friend is leaving, you have nothing to say, except for the feeling of sad and maybe…some loss. Though we don’t meet each other so often, even just only one or two drinks in a month, but our friendship is something really invaluable that we both do appreciate, rite?

I still remember those days when i was your assistant, when you insist on your “vision” that i should be a sales girl instead of a social worker. I remember on your b-day that year, when you opened your gift and gave me nearly 30 missed calls from India just to say thank-you. (well, I was teaching English at that time – you know). I remember the evening at Z-café, when i was in deep frustration of the desperate relationship. You encouraged me to make a phone call; I was almost turned out to tears after that – esp. when you told me sincerely “feel free to cry if you want”. But at last I didn’t drop any tear, coz at that time i was with a very good friend who gave me lots of care, sharing and encouragement. “You deserve to receive more than that” – thank you for always being by my side, Mr.

I really appreciate all the times we met, drinking, chatting and sharing ideas about life. I’m as stubborn as a mule, you know, but your advice always help me see everything in a much clearer way. You’re leaving, so who will give me advice now? Who will buy me drink at Met Pub, Highland, Spotted Cow… or an Indian weekend lunch? And who will give me beautiful gifts which I’m very proud of?

This letter is just to say good-bye and thank you for your friendship, Inder. You always make me feel that I am special. And i’m always very happy to be your friend. Send my good-bye wish to Depali, Prekna and Manan. Living in SA will be better for you, you’ll be good I believe. Just remember your promise: come back to Vietnam to attend my wedding, sir.

So gud-bye.

(This blog entry is for my friend, Inder Khanna, who is going to leave Vietnam with his family. He used to be my boss for three weeks, and then, my best foreign-friend in Hanoi.)


~ by gamsmell on March 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “Goodbye letter to Mr. Inder”

  1. Hello Mr.Index Khanna, Thank you for your help! I wish love and health will be with you wherever you go!

  2. Goodbye! Thank you very much for being a very good friend of my dear friend. Her long & warm blog prosecutes she will miss you heaps.

  3. I don’t understand this entry ^^ but I wish him: +Happy!

  4. hey, thank you all, my dears 😉

  5. The la Mr India da roi Vietnam roi ha em.
    That vui la em co nhieu nguoi ban dang quy nhu vay.
    Chuc em va ca gia dinh nhung ngay thang 4 tran ngap hanh phuc.

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